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Digital files

Digital files with suffixes such as .JPG, .PDF, .AI, .PSD, .INDD, .DWG, .SVG, .EPS, .PPT, .XLS, .DOC, .WAV, .ZIP will be sent to the client via email or a digital transfer site depending on size or number of files being sent, anywhere in the world.

Physical items

​Shipping of small and medium parcels within the British Isles will be included in the final price of the item(s).


Shipping of larger or heavier items such as stone carving(s) and furniture pieces will be charged according to competitive prices of specialist couriers, or the client may choose an appropriate courier local to them.


Prices for all packages  / parcels / carving / furniture being shipped overseas will be charged according to rates set out by the courier / logistics / freight forwarding service, an administration fee may be added, depending on the service required. 

Please check your country's customs policy on importation of goods before you make an order with us.

We will no longer be responsible for the freight once it leaves the UK.

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