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Three into one makes... one great website!!


Thames Barge

(photos courtesy of Iron Wharf Boatyard)

When Stripey Lizard Creative Services Ltd was asked to help a client change their website design and layout, little did we know it would turn into quite a fact-finding mission...

The previous developer had bandied the domain and its DNS (Domain Name Server) all over the place in order to get as much free development as possible, so nobody could understand why things had stopped working completely around June of 2017.

After a lot of head scratching and blind alleys, Lizard was able to get to the 'root' cause of this.

There were two websites floating around aimlessly on the internet, one of which was in desperate need of an overhaul, while the other one was stumbled across purely by accident when we (the third party client and I) were starting to feel that we were getting nowhere with the domain of the first main one.

The main site was using Wordpress, along with a 'child' site, which we have to say is actually normal in the WP world at least. The problem seemed to arise due to the amount of old and new webpages fighting for space on the root files within the Cpanel - and all over Google. Once the old pages were taken down and the domain was pointed to the new host, it was 'cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake at Standard Quay' (delicious cake made on Fridays).

***Unfortunately for the customer's pocket, this was not before buying a new domain about two weeks beforehand and connecting it to the site; just to get the client up and running again while the old domain was cleaned up ready for use.***

Now, both domains are pointed perfectly to

Permanent redirects are a good way to ensure that an old domain is properly connected to a website if there is a main one already in place, provided that it is pointed to the new webhost through its DNS. It is also good when you want to keep hold of some similar domain names if they are in demand.

For example, you may have seen that Hotmail, Live and Outlook can be accessed by typing in 'hotmail . com'. You will be redirected to the Outlook page. In fact, you can access any of them using any of them.

Mirosa Party

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