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GDPR - Good Day(s) Preparing Registration

We are delighted to announce that, while there are a few glitches on the Information Commissioner's Office website - which means that we are awaiting confirmation of our compliance with the General Data Protection Registration (GDPR) law in force as of today - we have updated our cookie and privacy policies so that we remain as transparent as possible with and for you, our valued (and potential) customers.

As a young business, we are fully aware of those annoying marketing emails that flood your inboxes every day so we make it our mission to be refreshingly different, in that we don't send out marketing emails to anyone, unless they specifically ask for some information from us. When you enter your information on our website, this basic personal data such as name and contact details are only stored for the purpose of being in contact with you for the duration of a project.

If you are or going to be a regular customer, we keep your details securely archived while we wait for you to get in contact again. Occasionally we might send a quick email to check how things are if you have gone quiet mid-project, but that's it.

If there is an email narrative, this is stored in a secure environment and where possible we avoid using the 'cloud' storage system. In some cases it is stored as a document for reference purposes and is readily available to the client if they need it.

It isn't always possible or appropriate to use a CD or USB stick so occasionally we may use Cloud File Sharing Systems such as Drop Box or We Transfer, but this is always after seeking consent and only used in the case of transferring large files (usually design or photography work.

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